Sunday, February 13, 2011


My business cards have photos on them, 50 different photos and I believe there are two of Nick in the mix.  I like to show a group and let people choose the photo card they want.  Inevitably, women from 4 to 94 say, "Who's that?" when they see Nick.  He's got "THE LOOK."  The bone structure, the coloring, the smile.

He is the oldest of four handsome boys who live in my neighborhood and I have been telling their mom for at least six years now to get all four of them into modeling, but the boys are too busy with sports, and she is humble and sweet and cares much more about their character than their fame.

Nick was a football star at our 5A high school, getting recruitment calls from the "big boys" when he tore his ACL during a pre-season scrimmage his senior year.  Luckily, he is also a disciplined worker and good student and was able to score a spot on the football team for the Air Force Academy.  He and his mom were so easy to work with, agreeable, interesting, and this seventeen-year-old boy actually asked me what interested me in photography.

I like to ask a little extra of my seniors for their pictures so they have something not everyone has.  It can push comfort zones... especially of boys, but Nick played along and let me get some intense football shots.

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