Saturday, September 30, 2017

Senior Pictures for HomeSchoolers by Flower Mound Photographer Lisa McNiel

Miles loves music and football, family and church. He likes so many kinds of music, good music, old school music: Fear the Reaper, Heathen, Dream On, Jukebox Hero, Renegade, Believer and House of the Rising Son. He's involved in football, student council, debate, acting, and youth group. He also likes playing video games and hanging out with his family. His favorite quote is "Be the change you want to see in the world." and his favorite memory happened his freshman year when he caught the football during the National Homeschool Football Tournament.

As far as what kind of backgrounds and what he wore, Miles, (or possibly his mom) chose a blue button down shirt to show off his eyes, with darker blue jeans. He brought his letter jacket and guitar, and cowboy boots for pictures with high grass, rail road trains, and telephone lines like an old country song and a similar outfit for the sunset by the lake. He wore a different, and really cool factory faded blue shirt with western snap details, jeans and lace-up leather boots that I've noticed are very popular for young men. He brought his football jersey and football and wore it will jeans in a field (which looks great back-lit near sunset.) For the urban setting with brick walls and architectural backgrounds he wore a gray suit with patterned royal blue shirt and solid silver tie. To highlight his desire to study law and play guitar we added in my grandpa's suitcase, some vintage books and his guitar case. The important thing about what he wore is that he was prepared. He had a number of suitable outfits that fit well, flattered his build and coloring, and had shoes and socks that matched and were not scuffed up. Again, I credit his mom!

I got to spend three evenings with him and his family and was thoroughly impressed with their manners, love for each other, and great attitude and joy in life.

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Street Style with a Smile - Senior Models for Dallas Photographer Lisa McNiel

See that cute girl being swung toward the camera? It was her idea to do a Street Style shoot for one of our group model shoots and I just love it! My son, Max, took that photo as you can see if you look closely in her sunglasses. Is it any wonder that high school seniors are my favorites? I just love that they are quickly playful. This was a beautiful (but warm) June night for an urban city session!

Check out all these great clothes and think about what you want to wear for your senior pictures. We took pictures in the Denton Square and there was a festival going on at the capitol lawn, so there was some unexpected photo ops like Beth Marie's with their old fashioned ice cream and random golden retrievers lapping up the attention of all the pretty girls.

Claire wore a black and white striped criss cross top with short sleeves  and a faux black leather skirt with a side zipper, gladiator ankle sandals, and an over-sized black purse with tassels and grommets. Her stylish sunglasses are showcased in the photo above. She ended the evening in an apricot halter maxi-dress romper that opened in front. I have no idea if that is the correct description. Laura wore super popular high-waisted ripped jeans with leather belt, classic high top keds, and a yellow and blue striped knit top. Then she changed to a black and cream patterned jumpsuit with heels. Mallorie wore a white peasant top with open shoulders, denim shorts, white tennis shoes and a straw fedora. Then for evening she wore a deep blue strappy romper with wedgies and a long chain necklace. Zach and Angelina were basically on a date so he wore a pink Tee and white shorts and then changed into a button down shirt, both in shades of pink. Angelina began in a black and cream patterned cami with the current "half-tuck" in black shorts, and then dressed up with a black floral dress trimmed in lace, but it was her tan suede platform wedge pumps with ankle straps that stole the show! Cameryn wore a sleeveless red V-neck crepe high-low top with pencil pants and sandals and then changed into a hot pink top with ties, a black mini skirt, and high heeled strappy sandals. Ashley Cassidy began in black shorts and a top with a blue and black pattern, and then dressed up with a salmon colored romper and tan heels.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

2018 Senior Pictures for Girls by Dallas Photographer Lisa McNiel

Caroline Farish's mom Melissa has been planning her senior pictures since she was a sophomore, and who can blame her with a beautiful, sweet, busy daughter?

So she was my first senior session of 2018. We did her photos in June, and though it was hot in Texas, we started inside so it didn't seem bad. Besides, our blood all runs thin down here after a few years so we were fine!

This charismatic, outgoing girl is involved in national honor society, tennis, "Charger for Change," Church Youth Group, and she does tons of volunteering. She loves hanging out with family and friends and each Summer she goes to Belize to work on a mission trip and the people there are part of her favorite memories.

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Here are some tips for how to prepare for Senior Portraits:

1. Choose clothes that are flattering to you and your figure and coloring regardless of what is in style... If you don't look your best in white jeans. Don't wear them. If the top is completely shapeless and you have a small waist, for heaven's sake, find something fitted, but not super tight to where your underwear shows.

2. Check your fingernails! Make sure they are clean or painted. Chipped fingernail polish looks terrible.

3. Don't tan too much or get a burn before your photos. 

4. Your hair will need to move, so even though it may be curled or straightened, it will eventually "fall." Relax and go with it. Movement in hair is beautiful!

5. Bring props that reflect your interests or those you used to enjoy, or plan to major in. You can be creative! If you want to travel the world, bring a globe!

6. Bring more clothes than you think you need. Put the outfits together and get a ziplock bag and put any jewelry, special underwear, or lipstick into in that bag and poke a hole in it and hook it onto the hanger. Time is precious when the light is pretty, and changing needs to be quick!

7. Bring a strapless bra. Bra straps are nearly impossible to photoshop.

8. Hats make great props. You can wear them, play with them, pose with them. Try to bring a hat for at least one outfit.

9. Take the black ponytail holder that is always around your left wrist off before we start shooting your session! Hahahahahaha! 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Teen Fashion Shoot in Klyde Warren Park by Dallas Photographer Lisa McNiel

Fashion shoot in Klyde Warren park
These cute underclassmen joined me for a fashion shoot in Dallas last Spring and it was a little bit of an adventure! We were joined by little girls who wanted to be in on the photo shoot with the models. We intercepted a few soccer balls and frisbees and the girls had frozen treats at the Food trucks. So, you're seeing a peek at the class of 2018, 2019, and 2020!

I love the variety of outfits they came up with! A maroon sweater paired with boho patterned shorts and wedgies looked adorable on sweet Abby who spends most of her year in dance and Marcus Marquettes. A floral flouncy romper with long faux pearls and strappy sandals was super cute on Emily who spends her time on the cheer squad. Savannah always sparkles, but this long blush dress was perfect with her blue eyes and blond hair. She's busy cheering in her last year as a cheerleader for the Marauders this year. Malorie chose an off-the-shoulder long sleeved romper with peek-a-boo wedgies and was our ace in the hole when the soccer ball came our way. Savanah's little sister, Lacie, looked lovely in a navy blue matching shorts set with pompom fringe on the top and bottom, and matching wedgies. She and her sister are both cheering varsity this year. Beautifully symmetrical Gabriella wore a lacy burnt orange babydoll dress with a jean jacket and flat leather sandals. And one of Maddie's photos landed me in a Modern Teen Style magazine, so that's cool! She wore a suede snap up skirt with pockets (every article of clothing should have pockets) and a cream cami tank with lace details.

If you're looking for senior pictures or modern photos of Sweet 16 or just Marking the entry to High School, and you're in the Dallas, Fort Worth area shoot me an email. I'm in Highland Village which is between Flower Mound and Denton, Texas and I do book up early.

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Senior Pictures for Young Men - Marcus High School - Flower Mound Texas

Zach is an Ultimate Frisbee player at Marcus high school, so I know him through my son, and state and national tournaments, but it's wonderful to be able to read the responses of his family to his Senior's images... It's such an important and transitionary time in life and pictures somehow make it all real. This is what Zach Hensel's sister wrote on his Facebook wall after seeing his photos...

"I see these pictures and think of how far you have come. I remember the days when you were the tag along and how Corin and I would always pick on you to toughen you up. You are the one I'm closest to. You never judge me on how I live my life and you are a great uncle to Parker. I can't explain how proud of you I am. You are truly the man that mom and dad has always dreamed for you to become. The world is at your finger tips. Conquer it. I love you." 

How to prepare for your Senior Picture Session for Guys:

1. Bring snacks and water - but especially water - for your son. I know it's mostly moms reading this because I'm a mother of sons and my boys would never think about it until an hour before the shoot! They will not think they need it. You won't think they need it. I want them to have it. It puts them in a good mood to be hydrated and a blood sugar boost about halfway through the session.

2. Put together a really dressy outfit. Buy a suit. He will need it for so many things this year. And when you have that wedding or funeral, he will be prepared. Get help from the stylists at the store. They are up-to-date on fit and style for young men. They also know that cool, funky, socks with a suit are in style now. 

3. All his other clothes should have a "slim fit" or better, "athletic cut," unless he is stockier. The clothes need to fit his body without being tight.

4. Shoes are important. They are important to the dressy AND the casual outfits. They need to not only match the style of his clothes, they need to be on the newer side. 

5. Socks are also important. They will show in various poses.

6. Bring props: a framed photo of him as a little boy, a letterman's jacket, a prop from a sport he plays, sheet music, an instrument, a jersey, a helmet, a globe if he wants to travel, comic books, anything you can think of. The only exception I can think of is gaming. I haven't thought of a good prop for gamers, but if you think of one, please contact me!

7. Please ask me to send you the Questionnaire and fill it out with your son. I find out things in it that can enhance your session with different ideas, and also it gives me something to talk to him about so that he feels more comfortable and relaxed with me and I get more genuine expressions.

8. Please let me know if you have a dog that could come for a few of the shots or can stay in the car for part of the session. Though they can eat up a little time, they make for genuine smiles. This also goes for girlfriends!

9. Please make sure the haircut is not too new. A week to two weeks before the shoot should be good depending on how fast his hair grows.

10. Don't pick at your skin. I can edit blemishes. Also, be sure you do not get a sunburn before the shoot. Red skin is very difficult to edit, and peeling skin, even more so, plus the nose always takes the brunt of it, so it looks crazy. 

I hope these were helpful. I'm booked up for 2017, but am currently booking sessions in 2018 for 2018 and 2019 seniors!

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