Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Senior Pictures for Young Men in Theatre by Dallas Photographer Lisa McNiel

Dawson has been in more theatre productions than I can name and I majored in vocal music and minored in drama. He may become a producer or go into politics or acting, directing... who knows? He will be grabbing a cup of coffee from "Re:defined" in Grapevine on his way up though!

Mr. Holder just graduated from Grapevine Faith High school in between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. He was looking at some swanky schools and settled on Texas Christian University. I bet his family is grateful he'll be close by and that he received so much scholarship from the TCU Horned Frogs!

He enjoys theatre, singing, writing, debate, dancing, reading and politics. His favorite songs are Stars and the Moon by Jason Robert Brown, Evergreen by YEBBA, Still in Love by Thirdstory, and Pretty Funny by Lindsay Mendez. His mom posted a video of his performance as the beast in "Beauty and the Beast" and it was just jaw-dropping! 

His favorite quote is from A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley- "“But I don't want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.”

Because of his interest in drama and musical theatre, we began his session on stage and in the audience seats as seen in the top photos. He wore a suit, which I always recommend for boys.

He chose an olive green button down shirt and charcoal pants for the more casual photos around town.

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One of my favorite outfits was this maroon zippered sweater over a checkered navy shirt with jeans.

We finished up his shoot at his favorite coffee shop where he likes to hang out, study, and visit with friends. PS. Everyone is a potential friend for Dawson!

His mom's perspective on Dawson:

Dawson has always been beyond his years. He is an avid reader, loves to sing and listen to music and has been acting since he was seven. He enjoys having conservations all day long!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Three Reasons to Do Senior Pictures In Studio and Out - by DFW photographer Lisa McNiel

Do you want to do your senior pics inside or do you want more nature or urban photos... or do you want both?

Here are three reasons why you might consider doing a combination session like Sophie did!

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My goal is to tell your story in these photos. That means highlighting your different angles, emotions, and style. You haven't lived your life all inside or all outside, so by doing both, you have an opportunity to bring a little range to the album you'll end up wanting at the end, not just the wall portrait for mom.

I can do bright pictures with a white background like you see in online clothing ads, or a white sofa, or dark backgrounds where we can play with shadow a bit more.


Sometimes the weather doesn't play nice. I literally just returned from a photography workshop where we were supposed to take pictures in the second largest canyon in the United States. But it was 36 degrees and raining in May in Texas!!! So we had to do all of our shooting in studio.

You can minimize your time in inclement weather by doing a combination session. If it's too hot and humid, or too cold and windy, do some inside first when you have more control over how your hair looks, then go outside to get some images in nature.


Portrait Photographers constantly talk about light, the quality of it, the softness and hardness, specularity, strength, direction, and flattering and non-flattering aspects of it. You may not think that is important if you are the subject, but it is because it affects how you look and the feel or emotion of the image. Having window light, off camera lighting through flash or constant light, golden hour light, back light and reflected light gives you a photographic story that is more rounded and flattering than just having one or two options.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

What Should I Bring To My Senior Picture Session? -by Dallas Photographer Lisa McNiel

I'm always surprised when seniors are nervous about their photo session, but it makes sense if you don't know how to prepare!

1. Bring more outfits than you think you need, with accessories, shoes, and the right bra. Make sure they are wrinkle-free. Lay this all out the night before so that you have time to remember things in that margin of the next day. If you want to look long and lean, one color all of the way down like Ashley's blue romper (at the end) is ideal.

2. Bring comfortable shoes to walk in between locations. Personally, I walk fast between locations and if you're in heels it might rub a blister. 

3. A hydro flask or water bottles to stay hydrated! The process can dehydrate you more quickly than you might think. Also, a small snack will keep your blood sugar up and tie you over until the session is over and you can go enjoy a meal with your mom.

4. Letter jacket, musical instrument, any props that you feel tell your story.

5. A college shirt if you know where you'll be going, but most importantly a genuine smile and a great attitude. If you're booking with me, you're welcome to bring a friend if they make it more fun!

Here's Ashley's mom, Kara's perspective on her baby girl...

Since a young age, Ashley has always been a leader! Raising a strong-willed daughter has always had it's challenges but I always knew that one day, that unwavering confidence and determination would take her far in life. She is loyal, trustworthy, funny, sarcastic, and she will always speak her mind. I wish everyone could see how big her heart is but she saves that side for only those close to her. My one on one time with her is my favorite! She has the most beautiful voice and we spend many car rides singing along to the Mama Mia or Greatest Showman Soundtrack. She dreams to one day visit Greece (where Mama Mia was filmed). Dancing Queen makes her tear up every time she hears it. She has dreams of being a Physical Therapist and is ready to take on this next chapter. I'm the one that's not!

Her favorite songs are anything by Vance Joy, and her favorite personality trait is her sense of humor. Her contribution to Guyer High School Soccer team helped them become bi-district champions and when we were talking at Christmas, she had just been in a soccer product commercial.

Her favorite quote is "Work Smarter, not harder" and her favorite memory is with her childhood friend, Loren.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Senior Pictures for Athletes with Style - Flower Mound Marcus by Lisa McNiel

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Matthew loves, loves, loves sports. If he is holding a ball or kicking one he is happy. His favorite places to be are on a court or a field.  When his Flower Mound mom went looking for Senior Pictures, I'm so glad she contacted me! 

He was wise to wear a suit and crisp white collared shirt, red tie, nice shoes, and dress socks. He also brought his school jersey and soccer ball. If you're an athlete, you should get a few photos to remember your sport and time on your team.

I've noticed that he excelled at football and soccer this year at Marcus High School. He has stunning blue eyes and a quiet, calm demeanor.  They were smart to schedule senior portraits early so that they weren't scrambling at the last minute.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Senior Pictures for Flower Mound Dancer by Dallas Photographer Lisa McNiel

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I first got to know Julia through her older sister Caroline and Ultimate Frisbee at Marcus High School in Flower Mound, Texas. They'll be together again next year at University of Texas in Austin. Julia is a Marquette, which is the school's Drill Team. She's a lifeguard and has worked at various locations watching kids in the pool.

A class leader, she went to Girls State last Summer. 

You can also see Julia in 7 Tips on How and Where to take Prom Pictures7 Tips on How to Raise Your Festival Fashion Game,  and from that last shoot she was in a group image that made it into  Senior Year Magazine's Premier Top 200 Senior Photographers and also top 10% of Shoot&Share's Senior Portrait category worldwide.

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As a long time dancer, she's got some moves. She was one of the captains and had a solo at the recent show. I happened to be there and snapped one of her crazy moves.

For her Senior Session, she chose a blush dress with V-neck for the studio, it was perfect with her coloring and the white backdrop.

For the outdoor portion of the photoshoot, Julia went with a striped, cotton, cold-shoulder top and ripped jeans, a bright coral sleeveless top with a floral lace pattern, and strap sandals, a multi-colored striped wrap dress with tan wedge sandals, and an elegant black banquet dress with bright berries and florals in red and pink at the bottom and a sheer black chiffon overlay.

PS. If you have naturally curly hair, rock it natural. It's beautiful!

If you're in the Dallas Fort Worth area and a 2020 senior, please contact me early for Senior Photos.