Monday, September 3, 2012

Pretty women - Getting ready for the wedding

Girls getting ready...

It almost sounds musical.

I hear Barbara Streisand singing
"Pretty women... blowing out their candles
or combing out their hair
even when they leave
they still are there... they're there."

That is the song I hear when thinking of Lindsey and her "girls" getting ready, and I'm pretty sure I can't get a shot of her looking bad!

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Think about having most of your make up on before the pictures are taken.

The photographer should take pictures of your gown so your children can see all the details some day.

 Lindsey borrowed her sister's wedding shoes. 
 Her groom, mother and grandparents prepare the stage at her church.
 You want to feel like you are seeing the story play out, like you can feel the mood.
 If you don't have a second shooter for the "getting ready" shots, see if the main photographer can slip in at least a few shots of the groomsmen preparing.
 She writes a love letter to her love on the left.  Her sister buttons her dress while bridesmaids look on (right)
 Lindsey had lost her father to cancer and wanted to honor him with this display on stage.
 This is a drawing one of her bridesmaids did of her wedding gown.
 Since this is her home church, it seemed appropriate to get detail shots of these things that were dear to her.
 Lindsey and her flower girl.

 Sometimes, the best groomsmen moments are when they are "helping" the groom get ready. :-)

 For more pictures, head over to to see my website and Facebook page...