Saturday, February 24, 2018

Gorgeous Flower Mound Senior - Pictures at the Texas State Fair - by Flower Mound Photographer Lisa McNiel

Time: Last Spring - mid-afternoon
Place: Nequa Nationals for High School Ultimate Frisbee
Why: Watching my son play
What: Claire Miles sat down on the sideline next to me as the girls game was over, and I saw that face.

I know we're not supposed to talk to kids about how they look, or even care about it, and she is a disciplined, studious, sporty girl with a strong family life and a dog and a cat that bring her joy. And also she has the face of an angel. 

Plus, she gets extra points for planning to go to Oklahoma State where a bunch of other Marcus High School Ultimate Frisbee kids are, including my youngest.

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As a Senior Model she got some extra perks including being involved in group shoots like Street Style which was actually her idea, Rescue Pets, and Prom.

She booked a Model for a Day session and we split it into two parts - one was a Boho feel, like you see here with a wonderful yellow dress in a field.

After we left the field, we were able to get a few shots after dark with fairy lights at a local outdoor mall.

This is from the Prom session. Click the link and you can see the individual and group photos for 15 more seniors.

The second part of Claire's session we did at the Texas state fair.

One of my favorites! The ferris wheel in her sunglasses!

We had to channel the Brandon Woelfel style since we were at the fair! All those lights just called for it!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Basketball Senior Pictures for Westlake Trophy Club by Photographer Lisa McNiel

What do you do with a red-haired, Superman, basketball player? Take a ton of photos! That's what you do! Justin is a Westlake High School Senior. Westlake is a suburb on the North end of Fort Worth just South of Trophy Club and Roanoke.

Polite and restrained in a suit, daring with a basketball, and alternately serious and cracking up in his Superman shirt, Justin's Senior Pictures were varied and fun.

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Justin has great taste in music (in that he likes geezer rock) and some of his favorite songs include: Eruption by Van Halen, Tom Sawyer - Rush, Come on Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners, Can't Stop the Feeling - Justin Timberlake, The House of the Rising Sun - The Animals, and Summer by Calvin Harris.

When he's not playing basketball or studying, he likes to play video games and hang out with friends. His favorite quote is "May the Force be with You," and his favorite memories are of all the family Christmases growing up (insert crying mama face here.)

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Senior Pictures of a Drummer - by Flower Mound Photographer Lisa McNiel

What can I say about Jay? He is my neighbor of 20+ years grandson. I remember when he was born. He's always had that thick black hair. When I look at him, I see his grandpa, John, and his dad, Eric.

He's a phenomenal drummer, as you absolutely must be to be part of the Drum Corps at Marcus High School in Flower Mound.

Also, pretty sure he hates that photo below where he's holding his sticks toward the camera because he's more of a hang loose kind of guy - as much as you can "hang loose" when you are intellectually brilliant and obsessive about practicing drums.

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This photo below is his mom's favorite. So really... that's all that matters. Boys do Senior Pictures for their moms. And they should. Plus, one day they will look back and be grateful their moms made them.

I love all these in the suit. I just adore suits on guys. This picture below is my favorite, his mom - not so much! Haha! I love his expression, relaxed posture, the depth of field, the lighting - I would do that lighting almost every time if I could!

I love this! It's not perfect, but it's a real smile and that is a "win!"

We did the second half of Jay's senior pictures at and around his home. This is a neighbor's donkey and everyone agreed the little guy had to be in the album. I don't know why, but any time I can put a little donkey in a photo album, it's happening. His red pickup truck was important to remember, along with his attractive mom and dad (little sis was at Marquettes practice or volunteering)  He works in the back yard a lot, so his mom wanted the candid of him moving brush for a photo spot.

The bottom middle picture!!!!!!!!!

Once we have all the photos we need, boys tend to relax and you see personality come out even more, relaxing on a john deere tractor, an Oklahoma State University "guns up" Pokes sign in it's extreme, and a backlit black and white in front of their neighbor's fence.

If you ever get the chance, you should attend a drum concert at your local high school.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Valentine Fashion - What to Wear for the Teen - Senior Photographer Dallas - Lisa McNiel

Do you love the color red? How about pink? Does Winter White make you squeal? I'll take any excuse to wear them and though I don't need a holiday to tell my husband I love him and you don't need a holiday to feel loved, it's fun to get dressed up and go out in the middle of Winter whether you're celebrating with your romantic love or your best friends or family!

A few of my Senior Models got together to model some of their favorite Valentine Style.

Angelina looks soft and flirty in a rose lace flounce skirt and halter top with always-Angelina showstopper high heels. It's a switch from her normal soccer gear!

Greta looks Grrrrreat in a white bare shoulder romper with angel sleeves and pockets. She paired it with soft rose platform heels in suede with ankle ties. She works hard at soccer and track and can pull it off!

Violinist and runner and future Vet, Jessica charms in an off-the-shoulder red dress and strappy black velvet heels.

I just happen to know Claire got her white lace romper with high neck and bell sleeves at Runway Seven. Those hoop earrings and gray-green suede short heels are super stylish.

Claire was featured on Senior Year Magazine on Instagram for this photo!
Laura also stuns in her bright red V-neck dress and strappy red heels.

These two are Ultimate Frisbee buddies and so fun and silly together.

Our only guy on this shoot, Zach (it helps to have his girlfriend Angelina there) wore a long sleeved pink button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up with navy pants. Here, his graduation gown is slung over his shoulder as he walks away. 

Everything looks better in great light and hearts.

I made this garland off of a post from Pinterest because I can separate the red from the black cards and rip fabric. I'm fairly proud of that.

Jessica looks like she's getting ready to meet someone for dinner.

Avery was featured on Senior Year Magazine on Instagram for this shot!

Laura's hair doesn't even look real here. I love me some backlight!