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How to take Prom Pictures. Prom Senior Group and Individual Ideas by Dallas Photographer Lisa McNiel

How to take Prom Pictures. Prom Senior Group and Individual Ideas - 2018

These are some of my Senior Models and we went down to Irving on a VERY warm night in August before school started to get prom photos to help moms and dads, aunts and uncles and neighbors get ideas on how to capture their beautiful children before they head out to prom. You'll find ideas for small and large group posing, individual poses, and how to incorporate a prop from their sport, activity, or career goal in their prom photos.

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When you are posing a group of friends, have them hold onto each other, and then keep telling them to move in tighter. Make sure they continue to look at you while you give them direction. If there's laughter, snap that shutter!

Celebrate the full girl, not just the beauty, but the athlete, the soccer player with shoes. The juxtaposition of cleats and satin or ruffles is fun and shows Greta's range.

Most kids these days go in "groups" not dates unless they are dating someone already or they just want a date for that occasion. That. is. fine! In fact, it's great. Be sure to capture friendships as well as photos of the guys looking cool all dressed up. How much do you love that red hair?

This beauty is dating that handsome guy, so it was fun to get a photo of them together although we have many more in the "Street Style" shoot if you want to click on that. In this group we are celebrating Angelina's awesome taste in shoes, her soccer skills, her smile, and beautiful coloring.

Jay's mom was absolutely floored when she saw a good photo of him smiling. I think all I said was, "Give me a smile!" You may want to trade off having other moms take photos of your kids and vice versa. At this age they are nicer to their friends' moms! LOL!

Just... wow. Laura's skin straight out of camera. I don't remember having that skin when I was 7. But we have to celebrate her Ultimate Frisbee skills because 1.) I'm an Ultimate mom and I really like this kid, and 2.) She's part of a team and program at Marcus High School with back-back state national championships. Plus I love this dress; so original for a prom dress!

How can you get all those beautiful girls together in one place with hair and makeup and not take a jillion pictures? It doesn't have to be the perfect night. It just has to be their night. Have fun. Don't stress them out. Tell them it will all be OK. Love on them and ground them if they break curfew.

Claire is such a gorgeous girl, and it appears that I accidentally slapped my logo right over her blue eyes. Darn it, blogstomp! I should have been paying more attention. If I were a senior and my mom and dad would spring for it, this is the dress I would choose, all sparkles and drama, but one tone head to toe making her look as tall, athletic, and stunning as she is. If your kids have special detailing like the side panel on her dress, try to get in close enough to make it show. She will appreciate it some day.

How adorable are these two? Avery got to come even though she's not a senior this year because she is precious and dating Max and I'm bad at excluding people. I find it hard. Here we have them dancing with him twirling her. I borrowed this from bride and groom posing. And then I just had them pose in age appropriate ways and as they were around friends, they started laughing as people said stuff to them and the shots got better as their expressions changed.  I kind of love the prom outfits with football and pompoms and they really are involved in those activities.  

Beautiful Avery in her super chic gray chiffon that moves like a cloud. I love it against the soccer ball and cleats. If your girl has a dress that moves beautifully like this, have her or someone else give it a twirl or a swish or a flip.

Brittany wants to major in chemistry and start her own makeup line. I asked the kids to come up with something that they were involved in to tell their story and this creative girl came up with this! She's active in school, but this is delightful. Her dad even brought dry ice to make the smoke. 

Cameryn is glowing in her dramatic gown of black and red, with rhinestone bracelet, earrings, and ring. Believe me, she knows how to glam it up. She's on swim team and plays water polo, but I didn't need to focus on that too much because we have already done her Senior Session and you can see how we played up those sports and in dramatic portraits by the lake at sunset.

Grayson is tall, really tall. I don't know when it happened. His mom is a beloved first grade teacher at the school all three of my kids attended and you know how children always stay small in your mind? Well, Grayson towers over his mom... and me, and possibly you too. He plays football, and as his prop, he brought a helmet and his terrific smile.

I had to make two collages for Greta, based on that dress alone!!! Have you ever seen anything like in real life? It's just wonderful, and to have the figure to wear it! Also, she is pictured with her twin Max, and his girlfriend, Avery.  I did their sister's pictures a few years ago and she was ever-so-popular on Pinterest. But possibly not as popular as their grandpa, Chuck Norris. No, I'm not making that up. I know. I buried the lead, but this is about them as I'm sure he would agree!

This has been my year for twins, but these are the only ones I have who are identical. This is Haley... I think. We are showcasing her band skills and french horn, and her gorgeous hair, and the super cool back of that gown! I don't fully appreciate what a commitment band is, but I've heard that if you're in band in the Lewisville school system, especially at Marcus or Flower Mound, it. is. your. life.

And this is twin sister Hadley (again, I think). The back of her dress is strappy and beautiful, but I couldn't begin to edit that band tan! hahahahaha! She is obviously in Color Guard as shown by her flag and rifle.

John is the varsity kicker for Marcus High School and having a great season. I love his props, his sideburns, his blush tie, and his terrific attitude, and that tailored suit doesn't hurt!

How about that steely-eyed stare from Max!!! Dang, son! I'm glad I don't face you on the football field! As you can see in the top pictures, he was mostly goofing around, but when he needed to, he could throw down some great looks like the center and bottom middle and right ones. I love a great smile, but sometimes that "look" just slays. Max is twin to Greta in the blue satin dress and pictured with Avery as well.

I dare you to take bad photos of Zach. Not only is he just a great-looking kid, he's so nice and agreeable and follows directions. These are nice dress up photos, but if you want to see some crazy water skiing pics of him, you have to check out his Blog.

Darling, stylish Avery has her own fashion blog as a junior in high school. We celebrated her cheerleading with that beautiful figure-flattering dress, and hey... I'm pretty sure I have some earrings like that left over from the 1980s. Yes!!! I'm in style again!

I'm not going to lie. It's not easy posing kids so that you can see all of them and most of their outfits, but here are a few options. Give it a try. What do you have to lose?

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perfect for "Homecoming" inspiration!

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