Friday, July 29, 2011

Madison - Senior Session

Softness and light...

That's what I think of when I think of Madison... She was just a wee sophomore when my daughter was a senior.  They were in Music Theatre together which creates a bond at which outsiders cock their heads.

Its been so fun for me to watch these kids grow, blossom, come-into-their-own!  The older girls come back and are surprised at what and who their "little sisters" have become... grown up and beautiful, confident and easy.

Now Madison is off to Texas A&M with two of her besties, but for a moment she was a senior... on top of one world, not yet moving to the next.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Carter Family

I remember that day... or do I just remember because we were taking pictures?

My parents hired a man to come take pictures of our family.  We had never had professional photos done... other than for the church directory or maybe at the ubiquitous Olan Mills Studio (cue hand on shoulder).

Today, I was trying to figure out why my parents chose that year to have family portraits made. Why then of all times? I called my folks.  They couldn't remember why.  I looked at how old we were.  My oldest sister was in her second year of college.  My middle sister was a senior and a had a few taken in her purple and gold cheerleader uniform.  (Go Hornets!)

Then I realized that these Spring pictures were taken the Summer before my oldest sister got married and the family changed forever.

We all loved her fiance and were happy to welcome him into our family, but I think... subconsciously, they wanted to mark the end of an era.  The Berwick family as Five.  I believe in that old notion of  marking the day.  Remembering.  Change is sometimes so good, but the past deserves to be preserved, noted, celebrated.

 I took these pictures of the Carter family last Summer.  Since then both of their sons have gotten engaged,  the younger to my daughter. :-)  I'm smiling and misty-eyed at the thought of families growing and changing.  I think I'll schedule a Family Portrait session for the McNiels this year, before my daughter happily becomes a Carter.

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Remember the past.
Create the present.
Preserve for the future.
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