Monday, April 29, 2013

Highland Village, Flower Mound, Lantana Mother Daughter Photographer

I met Ann when I was looking for a partnership in my local business workspace.  She was friendly and attentive when some had been dismissive and snooty.  She was proactive and had ideas!  

Ann Wolf runs Brightside Boutique and Merle Norman cosmetics in the Shops of Highland Village.  We worked out a process whereby she offered a free makeover for mothers and daughters and then I took their pictures.  It was just a "Thank you" to customers and a way to celebrate Mother's Day.  We needed a photo for the mailer so she and her daughters and granddaughter were my models!

They were girly and giggly as we sometimes get when we are with "our girls!"

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mandalay Canal Los Colinas Photography by Lisa McNiel

How to make a unique wedding invitation:

When you have a photographer as a mother, your wedding gets more complicated!    My daughter experienced this first-hand last year.  We had to plan the wedding around pictures, the best time of day, what would photograph well, etc. etc.  I was doing most of the work, so it was OK.   But my daughter is a legit artist so she had to design invitations, programs and a host of other details.  And they almost ALL involved photos, mostly vintage photos of parents and grandparents. 

  For the invitations we did a wedding couple shoot, not quite an engagement shoot, but more of a faux day-after shoot, then compiled those pictures and put them in the invitations in sepia with white borders and little black tabs like photo albums used a long time ago.  Here are the photos from that shoot, and how to make the invitations!

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 We bought plain 5x7 cards and she took a photo from this vintage train engagement shoot to use on the front.  We used wallet sized black and white photos inside with black picture hold corners from Hobby Lobby.  The invitation was printed on velum and attached inside.  Generous use of small buttons and jewels were glued inside.

 We printed wallet-sized photos of some of the following pics of this couple about 65% sepia and put them inside the cover with the little black tabs as shown in the top picture.

An illustration of a map was drawn on the back for ceremony and reception location. 

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