Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vintage Train Engagement

Have you ever come across a picture that you couldn't get out of your head?  One day I saw a photo that looked like a soldier had come home from WW II to meet his sweetheart at the train station.  The power of  love and reunion, and documenting that moment for their grandchildren just haunted me.  I wanted to style a shoot like that and I knew the couple...

Anna-Marie is a "throw back."  When she was 16 she was singing old jazz standards like "Come Rain or Come Shine."  She named her bright blue PT Cruiser "Billie" for songbird Billie Holiday.  She had Film Noir photo sessions in black and white with a satin gown.  A sentimental soul, she sees herself and her love as the couple in the movie "Up" (without the sad parts, of course).  For their first Christmas together he gave her an "Adventure" Book with their pictures together in sepia and a message that read "We will finish the adventure together..." 

She wore her grandma's dress and he wore her grandpa's Army jacket.  They got the rest of the uniform from Colonol Bubbies Army Surplus Store in Galveston.  Anna-Marie wants to continue this 1940s/50s theme by having her bridesmaids wear vintage hats and gloves and the groomsmen wear suspenders and hats for their outdoor wedding.  She has also started scouring Craigslist, Ebay, and Etsy for the table decorations and antique dishes she plans to use for the reception.  She chose the messages and the font to write on the photos and plans to use them for her "Save the Dates."

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Two scenarios:
First:  Leaving a sweetheart to go off to war.

And now for the second scenario of him coming safely home:

They met in high school on the stage where they were in an Elvis Presley musical called "All Shook Up" so that stage is where he proposed.

Here is a slideshow of photos of them leading up to and including their engagement... It is to the "Married Life" song from the movie "Up" which is what he had playing when his scavenger Easter Egg hunt led her to him on bended knee with a ring... 

For more of my pictures, check out www.Lisa-Marie-Photography.com
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Remember the past.
Create the present.
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