Friday, February 25, 2011

Flower Mound Photographer Lisa McNiel - Senior Pictures

Do you ever feel lucky?  I am hopelessly unlucky at gambling of every kind, I have better luck at the candy machines than the slot machines.  If I go 3 miles over the speed limit I get stopped, but when it comes to photography, I almost always feel lucky.

With Matt, my luck was in the sunshine and the model!  He was willing to try any shot I suggested and when he realized he could be creative, he started coming up with ideas for us to try.  The football stadium was open and empty.  The sky was blue.  The birds were singing.  At least that is how I remember it all because that's how the pictures look.  When I found out he was not only All-district defensive tight end, he also played viola for the orchestra, I knew I really wanted a shot of him in his jersey playing the viola, but was afraid to ask.  We just talked about it until he volunteered!!!  (Cue happy dance for me).

We both had appointments that day so we did two mini-sessions.  The second included a trip to Denton and his tuxedo.  His mom was such a good sport in the heat with the bugs.  It is a blessing neither of those pests show up in pictures!  Honestly, this was my second senior boy and I felt like both times I was shooting for a Ralph Lauren Ad Campaign.

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I'm telling you... I'm lucky.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brennan Kids

One of my best, best friends in the whole world was turning an important number...let's say its 35 for fun, and her thoughtful husband was throwing a swanky birthday party for her.  Lucky for me her oldest girl (whom I will adopt if ever given the chance) was home from Texas A&M the weekend before her birthday.  Her three kids and I schemed and planned and texted and whispered and finally snuck around and planned a shoot to make a birthday photobook for her.

This was tricky because she treasures time with her kiddos and there's always church, and dinner and time you just don't mess with... and it ALL seemed to occur during the best time of day to shoot photos that weekend.  But we squeezed in 45 minutes (no kidding, all I had was 45 minutes before the sun was completely down), and with the photos of them growing up that they quietly provided me, we put together a surprise that made for a very happy Adela. :-)

Here are some pics of that book.  Take pictures of your kids, they change so fast!
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