Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sophia Loren and Spock

Mom and Dad.

When my older sister's friend told my mom that she looked just like Sophia Loren, my mom spit her coffee in a fit of laughter. 

Mom played the piano and organ at church and my dad sang bass in the choir (in addition to teaching Sunday School, being a deacon, and chairman of the building committee).  Kids at church would tell me that my dad reminded them of Spock or Abraham LIncoln.  I never knew what to say... "Thank you?"  I usually just said, "I love my dad."

Kids at school would stare at my mom.  She was beautiful, a "hot mom" before they had a term for it I guess, but not in the way that she was trying too hard, or age-inappropriate, or showing too much.  She was... she is... graceful, elegant.  This is one of those rare, rare times I don't think a photo tells enough of the story because the walk, the gesture, the beautiful way a person moves isn't captured.  The following photos were taken at my dad's 80th birthday in May of 2010.  Mom had hers in September.  Indulge me, I think they are still beautiful!

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Mom and Dad on their wedding day...
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Mom as a teen

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