Saturday, January 16, 2021

Senior pictures for Redheads - Dallas Photographer Lisa McNiel

teen girl red hair holding daisies

teen girl leaning against mirrored wall

Redheads are so fun to photograph and Ava was a dream!

If you're wanting original senior pictures in the Dallas Fort Worth area, check out these locations and ideas!

red haired teen looking at flowers

For more ideas and locations, or for Senior Pictures for boys or girls, check out my website: Dallas Photographer or follow me on Pinterest Dallas Senior Pictures

teen girl sitting outside

teen redhead walking outside

collage of teen girl in cowboy hat

teen girl with cowboy hat and daisies

teen girl with cowboy hat and Texas flag

teen girl in front of roller coaster

teen girl sitting on stairs

pretty portrait of red haired girl in white hat

portrait of teen girl outside red hair

teen girl looking in the mirror

collage of portraits of teen girl

portraits at sunset

girl looking over her shoulder at sunsest

teen girl with red hair and fairy lights

girl holding paintbrush in front of face

Sunday, January 10, 2021

2022 Senior Model Applications are Open - '21 Team Reps by Dallas Photographer Lisa McNiel

Group of high school girls with flags by Turner Falls

Applications are open!

This past year, Abby came from Keller/Fort Worth, Audrey belongs to Grapevine, Caroline and Katie hail from Flower Mound, Abby was a local to Highland Village, Sabrina hiked all the way up from South of Dallas, Fort Worth, Hope travelled all the way down from Pilot Point, Ileana is next door in Argyle, Sidney goes to school in Denton, Maegan journeyed in from Prosper, and Taylor came up from Southlake to represent my photography brand and be on my 2021 North Texas High School Senior model team. 
We did photo shoots in prom dresses, for the 4th of July with the flag, a themed 1970s session in Deep Ellum, and they each had their own senior session custom to their needs. We only have the College Shirt Shoot left, so I'm accepting applications for my...

2022 Senior Model Team

 If you know of a junior in high school who would like to apply to be on my team - here's the application:

2022 Model Team  - link to apply

Covid has worn us all out this year, but this is one of those things we can do from 6 feet away that leaves special memories and beautiful pictures. If you have a 2021 grad, I'd love to be their photographer. Check out Lisa McNiel Photography

Group of teen girls in prom dresses in front of carousel

Groups of girls by I heart you sign in Deep Ellum

Beautiful Abby with a flag behind a baseball fence, on a tree swing in a dramatic black prom dress, two graffiti walls that match her shirt and high kick, sweaters that make you want football and hot cocoa, boots, a peaceful lake at sunset, a field, and a fun vintage car.

Variety of senior pictures girl

Sassy, fun Audrey rocking the 70's vibe, the surprise jump, the skateboard with hurdle-jumping legs, a top knot and faux fur, upstaging the sun in her darling white boots, an old train, a sunny field, and a pink prom dress by a carousel.
teen girl fun portraits

Caroline drops the drama with this pose, ballet on pointe, a prom slit, back light and plaid skirt, the American flag on a boulder by fresh springs, cutting edge style, super 70s fashion and a stoic city shot.

Teen girl in city

Hope peeks over the stars and stripes sunnies, her shoulder, across a castle wall, up from the grass, over a riverwalk, away from gauze that matches her dress, onto a feature in a red dress, and at the camera with a smile the weekend after she won homecoming queen.

Teen girl senior pictures

Ileana dazzles in pointe shoes on a ledge, with a flag in front of Falls, in Fashion Forward step downtown, in a sweeping blue skirt by a castle wall, in a shimmery green prom dress, owning the riverwalk and in striking drama from the grass.

Latina senior pictures

Katie shines from under a floppy straw hat, spinning her golden hair, with stars and stripes cap, in a white shift from a vintage train, from the shadows of a chic little eatery, and with a disco ball and groovy shades. 

Teen girl portraits variety

Maegan catches your eye while eating Chick Fil-A in a red prom dress, donning a peace sign, John Lennon glasses and a headband, on a tree swing with a flag scarf, in white or pink or black or green, with art, with a sassy walk, in a field, behind a tree, and on a bridge.

Teen girl photos variety professional

Molly charms from behind a fake fur, on the steps by a chapel, with the breeze in her hair by a fence, from under her aviators, with illusion-bending headlights of a car, in the leaves, beside a stream, under a hat, in a sundress and tennies, and with 9 foot long legs in the lights and old brick of Deep Ellum.

Teen portrait collage

Sabrina hypnotizes framed by a wintery fur, in fashion black on white, with daisies and a staw hat, with little white lights, little yellow lights, and in a prom dress by a carousel, with a flag, in front of a castle, in patched bell-bottoms, in turquoise to match her eyes, and especially in all white. 

portraits of teen girl Senior pictures

Sidney wows in hot pink, cute boots by the Dallas skyline, in blue in front of an iconic geometric wall, definitely in a close up, in a casual Tee, with the light in her hair, in a prom dress, stepping out in 70s style, and in stars and stripes.

Portraits of Teen girl studio and urban

Taylor fascinates in red tulle, boots and a little attitude, in a sunny field, a featherly gown by a maroon stingray, by little red berries, in black on white, in pink satin, dramatic patterned shadows, and leaping by a wall made to match her blue outfit.

Teen girl portraits in nature collage