Sunday, January 23, 2011


I'm not sure we understand how important pictures are until we look back on them and remember that time, that...  Milestone, in our life.  We are so busy planning for it, experiencing it, recovering from it, we don't always connect with documenting it in the manner it deserves until after the fact.  Then we can look back and say, "Yes, that was what I wanted.  This picture captured her beauty, her personality, the look in his eye, his playful grin."

I think I always knew this, but didn't really know this until my oldest graduated high school.  Spring of that senior year is blur of activity... banquets, prom, essays, college visits, sports, music, theatre (Can I get an "amen?")  One of my best freinds' now had a senior.  It was Fall, but she was graduating early.  Could I take her senior pictures?  At the time, I didn't know.  I had taken 10,000 pictures, but could I do this?  I remembered the saying, "Feel the fear and do it anyway."  Besides, this girl had beautiful blue eyes, light blond hair and a sweet smile.  She was smart, thoughtful and the daughter of a couple I had shared a hundred laughs with.  I took them.  She liked them. Fear faced!

Today... feel the fear and do it anyway!

This is a series of photos starting in October of 2009.  Please check my website for a more up-to-date look at my work.
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This is a series of photos starting in October of 2009.  Please check my website for a more up-to-date look at my work.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Diana and Chris's wedding

If I act like I encounter the coolest people on earth...its only because I do! I'm lucky like that.

Diana Alexander Volpe is precious. Seriously. Ask anyone who knows her. And by some great stroke of luck and grace, she took my daughter, four grades her junior, under her wing at church and invited her as an 8th grader to be in the Awesome High School Girls Small Group. These photographs are not in an official capacity, but rather taken amidst my family's protests, "Put that down." "What are you doing?" and "Are you taking pictures?" And I promise you that I did not use a flash during the ceremony. (sigh)

After they saw the photos and that our friends were happy, and we had these memories forever on the computer and in print, they apologized. :-) Now, instead of telling me to put my camera away (when I'm taking for fun and not work), they point out pictures I need to get. I think I'm going to start letting them use my old cameras so they will leave me alone.

These are photos from about a year and a half ago, before I began taking photography seriously. I'm starting in October of 2009 and going forward in my blogs. :-)

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I must add that our lion, our friend, our kid's youth pastor, who married these two has gone home and this was my last time to see that young, young man before he passed.  We love and miss you Barry.