Monday, February 7, 2011

Broadway's next star - Highland Village's Annie Wallace by Photographer Lisa McNiel

Look out for Miss Annie!  She's an "up and comer," a triple-threat, Broadway bound!

Annie is one of my daughter's best friends... one of those six best friends from Music Theatre I mentioned last blog with Jessica. I remember her as a girl from the neighborhood and in grade school choir, but she and my kiddo became close in high school when they shared countless hours in rehearsals for musicals, group sleep-overs, birthdays, holidays... life!  I think my favorite memory of her is listening to her practice Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" in a duet with my daughter in my kitchen.  I would post it, but they would both shun me and I'm uncomfortable with outcast status.

She is honing her craft at Texas State where she is starring in an upcoming production.  These are from her senior pictures a little less than a year ago.  For more pictures, check out my site:

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 And here is a photo of those six besties Summer of '08...

For more photos and info, check out
To see Annie's slideshow, click here

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