Sunday, October 29, 2017

Home School Senior Pictures for Boys - by DFW Photographer Lisa McNiel

After three days of shooting the two Horner boy's senior session, I learned I can't take much of what Taylor said, seriously! Always polite and congenial, I still noted a touch of sarcasm in most of his replies. Despite the heat, I so enjoyed my time with the Horner family and you can see Miles session by clicking his name.

Taylor like good music, classic rock, or geezer rock, if you will, like Dream On, Thunderstruck, Danger Zone, The Immigrant Song, Here I Go Again, Somebody to Love, Jukebox Hero, and Foolin.'
He plays football, does homeschool activities and student council events, class activities like Pinstack, Dallas Escape Room, Air Soft, and Movement Youth Group at his church. He also enjoys debate and acting.

In his free time he likes to watch action movies, How It Should Have Ended videos and play videos games with his brother and sister. He also likes all things related to comic books and movies.

His favorite quote is "It's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you." - Batman

And his favorite memory is every Thanksgiving with his family!

My new favorite quote is the one his mom sent me in an email after the session:
"You are a treasure and I am so thankful to you for taking their pictures.

You took Miles, who is quite around strangers, and had him relaxed, enjoying himself and he shines in his pictures!!

Then you took Taylor, who is a good looking kid although not very photogenic and his pictures never do him justice, and yet because of you his personality and looks are on display in every single picture!!

You are Wonder Woman!!:)"
-Robin, Plano

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Taylor and his brother did Senior Pictures together and they both chose the Captain package, so we were able to split the time between them and cover three different areas with multiple locations each. He wore a sharp dark suit with gray shirt, stylish shoes and socks for the urban images.

We were able to get a field with a vintage suitcase at sunset in jeans, boots, and a light button down shirt, That golden light by the lake is incredible and shows off his hair. Taylor plays football and collects superhero comic books, and we incorporated those into his senior session so they could be included in his album.

His urban photos included brick walls and chipped paint, photos with his mom, by old iron doors, iron staircase, and a classic movie theater.

Leading lines go straight to his handsome senior guy on a historic red bridge and wooden fence as well. We used my antique film projector to depict his interest in pursuing film in college.

I so enjoyed my time with this boy and his family and this is what his mother wrote:

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Senior Pictures of a Girl and her Dog for Guyer Denton by Dallas Photographer Lisa McNiel

Guyer High School Senior Photographer - Portraits of a Senior Girl

This senior session began with darling blue-eyed blond Aryanna in a maroon floral romper in a park in a variety of light and poses with her corgi who STOLE THE SHOW! What a ham! But he couldn't outshine his best friend. On the bridge, superimposed on a brick wall in an old brick vintage town, with flowers in her hair, or on a fence.

Mom's perspective:

Ary is the SUNSHINE in our lives! She has a GREAT LOVE for animals and a BIG HEART for helping others. Ary has a BRILLIANT MIND that will someday make a huge difference in the lives of others. Her WICKED SENSE of HUMOR keeps us laughing to the point of tears! No one could ask for a more genuine, LOVING and LOYAL friend. Ary is a BEAUTIFUL young lady inside and out.

Ary loves music and knows exactly what she prefers to listen to on the radio. As a toddler in her car seat, Ary would insist on which songs we played on our drives. Still today, she takes charge of the radio from the second she buckles up! LOL

Ary makes my soul HAPPY and is one of the GREATEST BLESSINGS in my life! I can't wait to see what her future brings!

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I adore the backlight and sun in her hair in an urban as well as country setting. Her expression and great pose with soft hands and wind in her hair are what I love most about this photograph.

You can see the blur and back light in this image from the park gives Aryanna dimension and depth.

Below is the one her family chose for their canvas wrap.

The greenery, flowers, and stone wall at the park frames her beautifully.

 Aryanna said her Van Halen concert t-shirt, black skirt, denim jacket and sneakers was her favorite outfit. She wore it at the end of our shoot by the bale of hay, on the train bed with an American flag, and dog, with little white lights, and in her car.

 The top two of this collage are more moody and delicate in a turn-of-the-century pictorial style, but with an updated twist of back lighting. In fact, the one of her looking out the beveled glass window and looking down also remind me of that style. It's fun to juxtapose that style against her sassy look in the tilted hat on the street smiling for the camera.

Oh my stars, will you look at this ham? That furbaby thought it was all about her!

When I can, I like to incorporate a sunset shot with more dramatic lighting, and her doggo smiled for the camera!

Those eyes!!!

This over-the-shoulder look with trees and light blurred in the back makes me smile!

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Senior Pictures for Guys in Track by Dallas Photographer Lisa McNiel

Graham Santilli is a fairly quiet, not shy, but not loud. He's a thinker. He's pondering what I say to him during the photo session, and figuring out the best approach. I'm much more of a feeler, but we find a way to communicate so that he gives me killer expressions and great poses, and we capture the essence of this terrific young Allen track star. When he's not running or training, he enjoys watching TV, play computer games and hanging out with family and friends. His favorite quote is, "Every Battle is won before it is ever fought." I love that he has enough self-awareness to list his as his favorite personality trait: Heart/Quirkiness/Discipline/Odd sense of humor.

He is a 4 year member of National Honor Society,  Awarded as an "Eagle Scholar",   a 4 year member of  Allen Young Men's Service League.   2 year member of  Allen Eagle football team,  4 year track team member.  2 year Athletic Trainer.

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As usually happens, mom had more to say about her son. This is her perspective: Graham has always been my disciplined and  self motivated son.  He is an introvert, but when he does have something to say, it's well thought out.  If you get to know him, he is surprisingly witty and funny.  Dry sense of humor.   He has always led others by Example.  i.e...Hardest worker, hates to miss practice, always gives 110%, listens to what the coaches say, is coachable.  He's always been the kid  the coaches use as a good example.

He  has always loved to run.  It energizes him.  If he isn't running, he looks like an amped up race horse who needs to run...   He began running track at age 10.  He won various district races, but didn't see a lot of   success until 2013 when at 11 years old, He advanced through District and then Regionals and moved on to the AAU Junior Olympics in the 800M. 

Although he loved track, he  also loved football and  in our highly competitive Allen School District, he decided to focus entirely on football. He had dreamed of playing for the Allen Eagles since a player came into his kindergarten class to read to them.   He always ran track for Allen, but he focused all of his attention year round on football and  his football training.

He played recreational football and then moved into Select Football in the DFW area  in Elementary and  Middle School.  Was Selected by Football University to represent Dallas Forth on Team DFW  and was chosen as  one of the Captains.   We traveled all over the country to watch him play football.  His room is plastered wall to wall with football equipment and trophies. 

Graham was a great player and teammate....   But, during  his Sophomore year, was advised by the team physician to quit playing football.  He had too many concussions and  he was getting them  easier  and easier.  He was utterly  devastated.   It caused a deep sadness in him that is just now beginning to lift. 
He couldn't bring himself to walk into the athletic facility to clean out his locker, and after a month, the coaches did it for him.

That  event was life changing for him.  The coaches begged him to stay on in any capacity: coaches helper, videographer, team manager?  He turned everything down but Athletic Trainer.   He hadn't a stitch of athletic trainer training..but he has had a ton of broken bones from football and he knows a thing or two about he worked extra hard to get caught up, and has spent the past two years as an athletic trainer for the  football and track program.  

Running and Track has always been there for him...    He won the District 6A Championship  for Allen in the 800M in 2015,  but  following that, was  plagued by a bunch of  growth injuries.

He ran one race for Allen last year and right away tore an achilles.  He sat out the entire track season for Allen except for District.    He was so disappointed in missing his track season, that on a whim I asked him if he would consider running Summer track...  The rest is history.  He put his nose to the grindstone and within 2 months, he had advanced through District, and then through Regionals and landed the USATF Hershey National Junior Olympics.   
Graham  has never had one coach (not one) that isn't amazed by his grit, determination, and heart.  Every Coach he's ever had repeats the same thing to Gregg and I,    He has the heart of a lion.  

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Homecoming Carnival Best Friends Session by Marcus Senior Photographer Lisa McNiel

Fall is in the air, and in Texas that means a Football homecoming game, dance, mums, and carnival to raise money for different school activities can't be far behind.  Marcus high school in Flower Mound, is having a great season and coming off of a big win against Lewisville in the Battle of the Ax, they are ready for Hebron in Denton. The game will be Friday, and then the dance on Saturday.

I wanted to test out some new props and locations, so I texted one of my senior models at the last minute to see if she could meet me for pictures. She asked if her best friend could come and so we ended up doing a best friend session!

I love the colors of the food truck in the background behind Laura's faded denim jacket, high-waisted dark jeans, and black floral flounce top.

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 Tatiana found one of her buddies and needed to grab a quick hug.

Tati chose a leather bomber jacket, cream top, skinny jeans folded at the ankle, and short booties.

We are actually starting to get color in Texas as you can see behind the girls on the Marcus-mobile.

The basketball team was selling cute shirts, and the girls also jumped in for some hula-hoops.

The football team was raising money with a throwing net.

Laura snagged friend and kicker (and one of my senior models) John for a piggy-back ride.

How adorable is this little guy who grabbed our attention?

The girls are catching a quick break on the front lawn in front of the dunk tank and toasting lollipops.

The choir's fundraiser was karaoke which was a big hit.

Then we ran over to the Shops of Highland Village for a few pictures by the fountains.

Trying out my Brandon W inspiration!

This may be my favorite!