Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I have "done" four, count 'em FOUR yearbooks.  I know that may not seem like much volunteering for a stay-at-home mom with kids in three schools, but you have to know how I obsessed over each choice, the size, the cropping, the placement, making sure I could get as many kids as possible represented (my heart is beating faster thinking about it).  Three of them were yearbooks for the Theatre Department at the high school.  Yes, the theatre department is large enough to have its own yearbook, crazy I know!  So I ended up taking hundreds of photos to make sure I accurately represented the casual events as there was a wonderful photographer taking shots of the shows (shout out to Mike Foster).

Also, my daughter was very close to most of the kids in the department, seriously... once an impromptu cast party of 40 happened at my house.  But she had a tighter group of besties whom I photograph each Summer just for fun.  (I will include a pic of them at the end).

Jessica's mom, Loly (isn't that a wonderful name?) asked me to take her senior photos before I ever thought about going into (whisper it...) business.  She practically twisted my arm in October, so by March I was used to the idea.  I planned, scouted locations, asked her to bring certain clothes.  We shot for hours and had so much fun.  Jessica is a sweet girl, so I'm really proud of some of those fierce Vogue expressions she pulled off in the concrete box.  Check out this beauty and her crazy blue eyes!

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Jessica played "Alice" in "Alice in Wonderland" so this was a little tribute to that character. :-)

We are such rebels.  We have no idea whose motorcycle this is.

And here is a shot of those six crazy girls from one of their Summers...

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