Sunday, December 17, 2017

Senior Pictures for Boys Who Love Skiing and Water-Sports - Marcus High School Photographer Lisa McNiel

You can't find anyone to say a negative word about Zach Stancoff. He seems to be as genuinely humble and kind as he is athletic and handsome. His faith, his family and his beautiful girlfriend keep him grounded and pleasant with an easy smile, a listening ear, and an effort to make each situation a positive one.

Zach was one of my senior models and part of a "Street Style" shoot and Prom shoot (blog to be posted soon). We did his Senior Session Portraits in Grapevine and on Grapevine Lake to show his love of skiing, fishing, and all things lake and water-sport related. It was the last night of Summer before his senior year at Marcus High School in Flower Mound began and it was perfect. Beautiful weather, perfect sunset, and a simultaneously exhilarating and mellow evening. 

Keep reading below photos to see tips on how to prepare your son for Senior Pictures with me.

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How to prepare for your Senior Picture Session for Guys:

1. Bring snacks and water - but especially water - for your son. I know it's mostly moms reading this because I'm a mother of sons and my boys would never think about it until an hour before the shoot! They will not think they need it. You won't think they need it. I want them to have it. It puts them in a good mood to be hydrated and a blood sugar boost about halfway through the session.

2. Put together a really dressy outfit. Buy a suit. He will need it for so many things this year. And when you have that wedding or funeral, he will be prepared. Get help from the stylists at the store. They are up-to-date on fit and style for young men. They also know that cool, funky, socks with a suit are in style now. 

3. All his other clothes should have a "slim fit" or better, "athletic cut," unless he is stockier. The clothes need to fit his body without being tight.

4. Shoes are important. They are important to the dressy AND the casual outfits. They need to not only match the style of his clothes, they need to be on the newer side. 

5. Socks are also important. They will show in various poses.

6. Bring props: a framed photo of him as a little boy, a letterman's jacket, a prop from a sport he plays, sheet music, an instrument, a jersey, a helmet, a globe if he wants to travel, comic books, anything you can think of. The only exception I can think of is gaming. I haven't thought of a good prop for gamers, but if you think of one, please contact me!

7. Please ask me to send you the Questionnaire and fill it out with your son. I find out things in it that can enhance your session with different ideas, and also it gives me something to talk to him about so that he feels more comfortable and relaxed with me and I get more genuine expressions.

8. Please let me know if you have a dog that could come for a few of the shots or can stay in the car for part of the session. Though they can eat up a little time, they make for genuine smiles. This also goes for girlfriends!

9. Please make sure the haircut is not too new. A week to two weeks before the shoot should be good depending on how fast his hair grows.

10. Don't pick at your skin. I can edit blemishes. Also, be sure you do not get a sunburn before the shoot. Red skin is very difficult to edit, and peeling skin, even more so, plus the nose always takes the brunt of it, so it looks crazy. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Senior Pictures at the Riverwalk in Flower Mound by Highland Village Photographer Lisa McNiel

July is a vacation time for most families here in the Dallas area, but I was able to get together three of my Senior Models on short notice when I wanted to try out some lighting on a new Riverwalk location in Flower Mound. These three fun girls rocked their session and then went off afterwards to cool off by celebrating National Ice Cream Day.

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