Thursday, June 12, 2014

7 Reasons You Should Play Ultimate Frisbee

Seven (7) reasons you should play Ultimate Frisbee if you are young and healthy.

Reason number 1. You look c-o-o-l, not just one kind of cool, but at least 6 kinds of cool I can think of...

Sunglasses cool

"Throwing the disk before stepping out of bounds" cool

Intense cool

"Low to the ground" cool

You use the word "sick" to mean "good" and many other words like "huck" that your parents don't understand.

 The disk and the flag are cool.

Even the hats are cool.

Reason number 2. Running - just. so. much. running, like "if you don't have stamina go sit in the corner and nurse your cramps" amount of running.

Reason number 3. Jumping - like Superman.

Reason number 4. Laying Out - which is a nice way of saying,  "running as hard as you can and then diving as if there were a pool in front of you... but there is not."

Reason number 5. All the other Ultimatians.

Reason number 6. You can bring your cool dog...

or cat... No seriously, this cat was at one of the state tournaments, in his own stroller.

Reason number 7. You may be able to get your little brother or sister to play. 

Bonus Reason number eight. You can try to hit the photographer with a disk if she gets derpy pictures of  you.

In real life I am a Portrait Photographer... this is the Flower Mound Marcus High School Ultimate Frisbee team.

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