Saturday, May 16, 2020

Senior Pictures for the Artist - Fort Worth Photographer Lisa McNiel

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Senior Pictures for the Creative!

Kara has always stood out from her peers as someone who marches to the beat of her own drum. She is a natural perfectionist, artist and genuine friend. She has always had an interest in language, speaking much earlier than the milestones, and teaching herself to read at the age 4. Kara has taught herself to speak other languages such as Japanese. Soothing her as a baby included giving her a stack of books for her to flip through so she could fall asleep. Kara is loyal and selfless. She is strong spirited, level headed, and not your typical highly emotional teenage girl. She is a thinker and a dreamer, the best of both worlds. She has a natural ability for drawing and art, once she started getting into makeup, she fell in love with the possibilities of art with makeup. She is often complimented on her makeup skills when we are out in public. What makes Kara so special is her ability with memory. She can be taught something once and she will retain it forever. Kara has the gift to be anything she wants to be in life, it’s just a matter of her choosing. I cannot wait to see what the next ten years hold for Kara!

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Eaton High School's Kara has a philosophy that creatives have to adopt in a good-spirited way to do their own thing... 

Her favorite personality trait is "my sense of self-expression and lack of care for other's opinions on it."

She writes music, plays guitar, skates, and plays video games. 

One of her favorite memories is the first time she ever played one of her songs for anyone. It was at Summer camp and their Summer camp had a radio station. On one of the segments she played her song for not only the campers, but also for anyone tuning in online or from their cars. "It was a really cool experience and broke a small social barrier for me."

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