Thursday, January 10, 2013

Three Things a Bride can do to have the Wedding Reception Pictures you want.

Have you looked at reception pictures and thought, "I want that moment captured!" or "I want it to look dreamy," or "I want to remember that crazy party after the wedding!"  Here are three ways you can get closer to that goal:

1. Make sure it is not TOO dark!
     Photography has been referred to as "painting with light."  Even with our fancy new cameras with the capability to take photos in low light, they need SOME light to capture the moments.  Make the light part of the decor!

2. Communicate with your Photographer.
     We want to know what is important to you.  Is there a grandparent you want a photo with?  Do you want lots of pictures of the guests dancing?  Do you want to remember the details?  Is the most important thing the private moments between you and your groom?  We will want to take a variety of shots, but it is important to know your priorities and wish list.

3.  Your Reception Venue will be in the Pictures.
      That doesn't mean you have to have a million-dollar reception, it just means you need to be thoughtful about how you want it to look.  We had a family wedding this year and planned the whole thing around the pictures.  We literally had the reception in a church gym, and yes the basketball floor did show in some of the photos, but we transformed it with a burlap canopy, vintage details, and hanging lights.  If you do have a healthy budget and pictures are important to you, you may want to skip the sirloin and go for a prettier venue.

  To see more pictures, head over to to see my website and Facebook page...
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  To see more pictures, head over to to see my website and Facebook page...

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