Saturday, April 9, 2011

Angela and bebes

Is it usually about fourth grade when boys fall in love with their teachers?  The year was 2004, I was the room mom for Max's class and meeting his teacher for the first time.  She was stunning.  She was like a magazine cover with a shiny smile and I thought, "If he ever falls in love with a grade school teacher it will probably be this one."  As it turned out, he still loved his mama (and I think a cute little blond) at the end of the year, but he really liked his teacher because she taught science which was his favorite subject.

Angela and I have visited over the years and she has not changed a bit!  I was so excited when she contacted me on Facebook to take family photos.  It was wild to see how her kids had grown!  Brooklyn is a wonderful athlete and singer and Rylan an overall charmer.  We sidestepped the Texas-sized fire ants to get these pics, but I love the connection between her and her kids! :-)

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  1. I love these pictures....they are my bebes to....I am Angela's mother...I think I have most of them but don't think i hae the one of them walking away. May need to get that one....
    You did a great job....thank you for caputuring the essence of who they are. Which is amazing....

  2. Sheila~ You must be so proud! Yes, she has that one. She needs to send it or print it for you! You can have her get on that ASAP... :-)