Saturday, August 29, 2020

Where to do Senior Pictures in Dallas - Deep Ellum & Klyde Warren - Photographer Lisa McNiel

I always ask parents for some of their favorite memories and stories about their child. It helps me prepare for their session and as a mom, the stories are fun to read!

Here is Marianne's account of Anneliese...

Anneliese has always been a thinker, a reader and wonderful child to be around. She has always enjoyed school, and loves to be social. She’s always been great to have an intellectual conversation with. From the time she was in first grade, seemed like no matter where we went near or far, she always saw someone she knew, either kids from school, the parents of kids from school, or teachers. No doubt, she has always been my little social butterfly. At the age of 3 she was using words like “distinguished” to describe her outfits. Strangers were always very impressed by her phonics and the use of language at such a young age. All the way through school, she absolutely hands down LOVED the library, she has always checked 2-3 novels out AND actually read each one. I used to get frustrated with her in elementary school because her backpack always had 3-4 library books in it and I’d say “how can you read all those and keep up with each story, from one to the other?” And she’d say, “I just can mom!!” Lol
She’s passionate about animals, especially dogs. We recently had to put our 12 year old dog down & that was really difficult for her. If I would let her have 12 dogs, she would literally be the happiest girl in the world. But her mom is not a dog person. Lol
She has been in theatre since kindergarten and absolutely loves it. That was her fondest memories with her friends I think all through school.
She is graduating 6 months early and will be traveling abroad soon after to Germany to work and increase her German vocabulary.
She loves to write, read and draw. She Is very headstrong and can debate with the best of them. I’m really very proud of her, she is on her way to doing great things for herself as well as others.

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Anneliese says her favorite personality trait is that she's easy-going. She enjoys theatre, reading and drawing, and her favorite memory is reading a really good book for the first time. Her favorite quote is “Don’t let the hard days win. Only you decide what breaks you.” -Sarah J Maas

Annaliese in Deep Ellum

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