Friday, August 11, 2017

Senior Pictures that tell Your Story by Dallas Fort Worth Photographer Lisa McNiel

Kendall's favorite memory was the day she got her horse in 7th grade. She did horseback riding for 7 years and will always love being around animals. She had always dreamed of taking her senior pictures with her horse, but they had to have her put down before she did her session. So... Sad. 

When I asked her to tell me about herself, she said that the Taylor Swift song, "Mine," was very meaningful to her.

I decided to put these two pieces of info together and ask her if she could print off photos of her horse and some of her favorite memories and we could recreate the Taylor Swift video and incorporate her horse. She was absolutely terrific and did a great job and we both loved the result!

Her favorite quote is "Everything happens for a reason because you can't try to control every aspect of your life or anyone else's. Go with the flow. God has a plan."

She loves to eat healthy and plans to study nutrition and dietetics at TCU this Fall!

Kendall johnson

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