Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Marcus Senior Pictures - Photographer Lisa McNIel

Cooper Buckles, how's that for a name? It sounds cool no matter how you say it, but "Coop" seems to be the most fun. He graduated this past weekend, after weeks of lasts, not the least of which was a walk through his grade school after a graduation breakfast. I first met him when he was a little bitty guy at that school, and his funny mama and I bonded over stories of our boys. No doubt the ceilings seemed much lower to him on this last visit.

Cooper comes from good people, smart, decent, fair people. The oldest of three boys, he keeps an eye on the younger two in typical eldest fashion. He's interested in film and his eyes light up when he talks about movies. He plans to study film editing and eventually directing, but to be sure, whatever this tall, sweet kid does, he'll make his family proud!

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