Friday, April 5, 2013

How to become the favorite child for a day.

How to become the favorite child for a day.

My sisters live near my parents.  They bring them food and have given them adorable great-grandchildren.  I call and drive the 6 hours when I can, but it is tough to compete with Martha, who has a lot of the creative side of Martha Stewart (without the stuffiness) and Super Susie, who can do no wrong… even in my book!

  But I can wield a camera and have a good enough understanding of light and photoshop to put together a decent image.  I wanted to take pictures of my dad’s fourth child.  The airplane that took up all the room in the garage when I was little, that he poured his creative energy into designing and flying.  His Racer!  His Experimental Aircraft.  It was a cold, bitter day after Christmas, and he had shingles, but he still pulled it out of the hangar.   

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How old do you think he is?

Scroll to the bottom to see.

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In this photo he is 82 1/2

He knew I had taken them, but didn't know what they looked like until these three 10x20" metallic mounted images showed up at his door.  My parents loved me a little more that day. :-)
 The reflection of a Kansas sunset in a propeller just pushes all my sentimental buttons.

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