Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Greek Version of the Narnia Children

The Greek Version of the Narnia Children

Remember Peter, Susan, Edward, and Lucy, the English Children who traveled through the wardrobe to Narnia?  I had a picture of them in my head, healthy, strong and fresh, kind and friendly.  Picture the Greek version of that… Henry, Ria, and Mary!  Healthy, strong, fresh, kind, friendly, bright and gorgeous… and so tall!  Ria (right) is 5’12” so you can see how this family of models scale. 

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I would say that I wish you could see the precious, hosting side of Ria, but I think that may be 90% of what everyone who meets her sees.  I was so excited to capture that one brief moment of her not taking care of someone and just being, because she is stunning. Here is lovely Ria...
And handsome Henry, right and true, kind to his family and dutiful (seriously, I want to go into Narnia mode)...
And darling Mary (I think the family calls her GooGoo) is completely obvoblivious to her fresh, sweet beauty and charming modesty.

 With mom and grandma!  Not only did they pass on the great bone structure and beautiful coloring, but a love of Jesus, and an selfless empathy.

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