Saturday, July 7, 2012

Don't be scared of your engagement pictures!

Ryan and Mallory were nervous, biting their lips, second-guessing the whole idea of being able to actually get a photo... just one... together, that was good of both of them.  They had seen that as an improbability verging on impossibility and I was getting caught up in the doubt!

I thought, "What do they do?  Make faces?  Talk?  Blink repeatedly?  Why can't they get a good photo together?"

If you are feeling this way, relax, shake it out, remember that you will be together!  Hire a friendly photographer who is at LEAST as interested in people as she is taking pictures. Bring along a few outfits... Guys, shave.  Girls, get cute and bring back-up make-up, at least powder for sweat and lip gloss. 

There was NO reason to worry... as you can see for yourself. :-)

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They are photogenic AND great together! ;-)

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