Deaver Family

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I would "knock on wood" as I say this, but I'm not superstitious... The families I photograph are delightful.  They are cool and easy and "together" without trying to impress me or anyone else.  At least I can definitely say that about the Deavers.

Audrey was home from college for Thanksgiving, so we were getting shots of the family to preserve this time.  I was practically begging Lisa to put them in Christmas cards because I am such a freak about that.  They seemed so happy to be together, laughing, teasing, not perfectionists.   We can be like that on a Saturday morning in our pajamas, but everyone trying to look cute and get in the car on time for a photoshoot?  Maybe when my kids get older we will be there. :-)

I talked to Lisa the other day, preparing for Abby's senior pictures.  Audrey is in Africa, building a church or an orphanage, living out her faith. So cool!  Here are the terrific Deavers.

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