Thursday, June 9, 2011

You know when the mascara commercial comes on and you think to yourself, "Those are false eyelashes!"

Or when the pore-minimizing lotion comes on, you think, "That's fake skin, or special lenses combined with magical lighting!"  Until... you meet a girl like Elise who doesn't have pores.  Like I'm seriously wondering how her skin breathes, its beautiful, along with her coloring, her expressions, her laugh, and her funny way of conversing.  I, for real, had so much fun yakking in the car with this girl; it felt like I was out with an old friend.

She was my senior rep this year and she is darling!  She graduates Saturday and heads for Texas A&M this Fall to join her sister.  I'm not sure what her mom will do with only one boy left at home.

For more photos go to www.Lisa-Marie-Photography.com  Photos will load on opening, but if you are looking for senior pictures go to the Gallery tab and you'll see the Senior Pictures slideshow.  Also, you can click here for Facebook.

Remember the past.
Create the present.
Preserve for the future.
For more pictures check out www.Lisa-Marie-Photography.com
or here for Facebook.

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