Monday, October 29, 2018

Senior Pictures in a TV Friends theme - "I'll Be There For You" - by Dallas Photographer Lisa McNiel

I'll Be There for You
So no one told you life was gonna be this way
Your job's a joke, you're broke
Your love life's D.O.A
It's like you're always stuck in second gear
When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month
Or even your year, but
I'll be there for you
(When the rain starts to pour)
I'll be there for you
(Like I've been there before)
I'll be there for you
('Cause you're there for me too)
You're still in bed at ten 
And work began at eight
You've burned your breakfast, so far 
Things are going great
Your mother warned you there'd be days like these
But she didn't tell you when the world has brought 
You down to your knees and
I'll be there for you
(When the rain starts to pour)
I'll be there for you
(Like I've been there before)
I'll be there for you
('Cause you're

Be honest... you sang that!

Five of my Senior Models this year decided on my "Friends" TV show themed shoot. They chose their own outfits and an updated version of the classic 90s black and white outfits Ross Gellar, Rachel Green, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing, and Monica Gellar wore as the characters we've been quoting for years thanks to reruns! 

Our version of Central Perk where Rachel worked and they gathered was a wonderful spot my husband found in old town Lewisville you have to visit called "The Perc." Then we headed over to my secret location with the perfect fountain for the famous red, blue and yellow umbrellas, couch and lamp for the opening dancing scene we'll always remember.

Applications for 2020 Senior Models will be opening in December of 2018.

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Claire started out in a darling watermelon pink and green sundress and then changed to a white knit wrap top and black skirt.

Maren Wisener started in a super cute pink and white striped romper with tie front and changed into a black and white diagonal striped top with black jeans.

Grace Cox wore a yellow and white striped off-the-shoulder knit top for the coffee shop shoot and a black sleeveless top with white shorts for the fountain. 

Meaghan Topelsohn rocked black and white for the full shoot. Her white knit top with a "V" detail paired well with dressy black shorts and black pumps.

Kara Pletcher chose a gray and white striped cotton romper for inside and black ripped jeans and a cute white top with a straight neckline for outside.

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