Saturday, March 18, 2017

Senior pictures for Girls with Sparkle by Texas Photographer Lisa McNiel

Elizabeth is the youngest of the four Sparks children, each as attractive, accomplished, and clever as the last. As I write this, she is touring Rome with the Latin club at Marcus High School. She plays tennis, and she was one of my models for Activities her freshman year, and absolutely held her own with all the upperclassmen! Her friends adore her. Her dad teases her. Heads turn when she breezes by... 

She'll be heading to Norman, Oklahoma next year to attend OU where her oldest brother graduated with his masters last year and went to work for google (I'm not making that up),.
She looks almost exactly like her older sister who shows such personality in her Senior pictures, her photos have been pinned over 22,000 times. She could have graduated in about a year and a half with all her AP credits, but she stretched it out so she could spend time at her beloved Delta Delta Delta sorority.  She'll graduate soon! Her brother, Jack ,  who oozes musician cool, will be there to greet her. I don't know what her parents will do when they are not racing from booster club meeting, to games, to music events!

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Click the words to see a two minute video of the highlights of her Senior Pictures.

Here's a photo of the books of all four beautiful children in their parent's home.

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