Thursday, February 28, 2013

Three ways to make a trip to grandma’s house memorable

Three ways to make a trip to grandma’s house memorable

You may be a grandma, grandmother, GiGi, g-mom, Glamma, meema…

  It doesn’t really matter what they call you.  What will live with them for the rest of their lives is the time they spent with you!  Here are three ways to make that great!

1.     Kitchen table night.  Remember your grandma’s kitchen table?  Me too.  It may be one of the sweetest memories I have.  Make cookies together, have a game night.  Just talk… at your kitchen table.

2.     Adrenaline Day:  Swimming, shopping, jungle gym, park, manicure.  Whatever gets you out together for an hour and gets your blood pumping will burn into their sweet little brains.
 3.     Schedule a photo shoot.  For you and for them.  Have you ever noticed that sometimes you remember things because there are pictures?  You can spend money on junk you have to take care of, or you can spend your money capturing the fleeting time in their life with you. 

This glamma and g-dog had photos of their granddaughter and daughter taken while on a visit.      
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