Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Did you grow up with all girls or all boys?  Or both?  It makes such a difference!  I was the youngest of three girls and my husband the third of four boys and I cannot tell you how many times I fell in the toilet in the middle of the night before I had him trained to put the stinkin' lid back down.

About once a month, I seriously wish I had one more girl about four years younger than my youngest boy.  Having had both, I do not believe anyone who says we train them to be feminine or masculine.  I think they are MORE boy and MORE girl, and we train them to try to meet in the middle to get along in the world.

Peyton is 112% girl.  She may be a CEO someday, or terrific athlete, or marine (can't picture that), but she is all girl, eyelashes and sweet cheeks and giggles.  She is completely comfortable with being pretty and feminine and happy to pose.  She needed very little direction and caught on quickly to whatever we tried.  My favorite moment was her showing me how she had learned to float on her back.  Thank heaven for little girls!

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  1. Lovely series of a beautiful girl. Particularly like the wet face ones.